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The new catalog 2018 is here!

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HydroWhirl™ Orbitor

The HydroWhirlTM Orbitor is a versatile tank cleaning machine designed to meet the high standards required in the food, brewing, beverage, dairy, and chemical industries combining high performance cleaning efficiency with extended operating life and reduced life cycle costs. read more >

New Tank Washing nozzles: HWS-series

The HWS nozzle directs the cleaning water through a rotating head at the tip of the spray assembly. This produces a vigorous moving spray action against all areas of the walls of a tank. The spray pattern from the HWS head uses impact and repetition to quickly wash the tank. This spray pattern is especially effective at breaking up and removing contaminants.

  • Cleans more quickly, but uses less water and lower pressure than static tank washers
  • Lower flow and pressure mean smaller pump size resulting in lower operating costs
  • Surface finish ideal for sanitary applications

BETE Deutschland has moved into new premises!

As from now we are working in our new offices.
We are looking forward to give you the same or even better support as you are used to.
Our new address is: Dr.-C.-Otto-Strasse 190, 44879 Bochum, Germany.